Eaton Offers Improved Reliability, Uptime And Safety With Enhanced Medium Voltage Generator Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Date: April 9, 2009

PITTSBURGH – Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced new ratings on its Generator Vacuum Circuit Breakers that are designed for customers who need reliable and robust power generation protection where weight and space is an issue. The generator breakers employ innovative technology to handle high continuous AC current and voltage and then safely switch through extreme out-of-phase voltages and high-stress asymmetrical currents.

The generator breakers are designed for use in space and weight-sensitive applications, including: outdoor and stand-alone switchgear, portable power substations, drawout breaker indoor switchgear, marine and mining applications, as well as in portable generators.

“Eaton has dedicated years of research, design, enhancement and testing to create this family of generator breakers,” said Felipe Lerebours, product manager, Eaton. “As result, the generator breakers feature a compact size, high mechanical endurance and utilize clean vacuum interruption technology.”

The VCP-WRG fixed circuit breakers offer ratings up to 15 kilovolts (kV), 75 kiloamperes (kA), and 6000 amperes (A) with natural air convection cooling and up to 7000A with forced air cooling; whereas the VCP-WG drawout generator breaker offers ratings up to 15 kV, 75 kA, and 4000A without fan cooling and 5000 amperes with forced air cooling. The generator breakers interrupt large short-circuit currents in a small three-pole package.

Eaton’s generator breakers meet IEEE’s special industry standards (C37.013 and C37.013a-2007¬) for generator circuit applications. Eaton’s VCP-WG generator circuit breakers have a demonstrated ability to interrupt three-phase fault current levels up to 135 percent DC content under delayed current zero conditions. The generator circuit breakers are designed to interrupt fault current levels with fast rates of rise of recovery voltage (RRRV). They are also able to perform under out-of-phase conditions when the generator and power system voltages are not in sync. The voltages across the open contacts can be as high as twice the rated line-to-ground voltage of the system.

Eaton’s innovative technology is able to handle high continuous AC current and voltage, and safely switches through extreme out-of-phase voltages and high-stress asymmetrical currents using “clean and green” vacuum interruption without fail for 10,000 normal operations or more.

The VCP-WG and VCP-WRG generator breakers are available in 29-inch and 31-inch wide frame sizes. The 29-inch frame has ratings up to 15 kV, 63 kA and 3000A (or 4000A with forced air cooling). The 31-inch drawout frame version has ratings up to 15 kV, 75 kA and 4000A (5000A with forced air cooling). Additionally, the 31-inch frame is available in a fixed version with ratings up to 15 kV, 75 kA and 6000A – or 7000A with forced air cooling.


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