Pow-R-Command TM PLP-25 Parking Lot Control System

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Eaton offers a full line of chassis styles and configurations for Pow-R-Command applications. Each Pow-R-Command application is designed to suit a specific need at a reasonable cost / performance ratio.

The Pow-R-Command PRC-PLP25 controller can control up to 6 preconfigured zones. The heart of the Parking Lot Control Panel is the zoning board integral to the panelboard. The controller provides the ability to group individual smart breakers into zones.

The purpose of the Parking Lot Control panel is to control the amount of power provided to the Block Heater receptacles, reducing electricity used by as much as 50%. This is done through the use of a remote temperature sensor. As the outside temperature increases, the system is designed to reduce the duration of ON-time, thereby reducing power consumption. In addition to receptacle control, 2 zones in each panel may be designated as lighting zones and will operate based on photo sensor input or timed of day switching.

Receptacle Control

Each zone will operate automatically to vary the amount of energy delivered to the parking lot block heater outlets, based on outside temperature. The cycle time duration (duty Cycle) is variable between 4 and 60 minutes and may be set by the user during initial set-up of the system. The temperature control schedule will be based on a stepped system with fixed percentage ON-time with variable temperature input. Thermocouple input will be divided into 5 temperature ranges set by program but may be altered by the end user via HMI. The total duty cycle will be set at 20 minutes.

Where possible, the PLP-25 program will attempt to level the demand loading by minimizing the number of zones that are energized at any given moment. For example if the percent ON-time is at 50%, based on the outside temperature, then ½ of the zones will be energized for the first half of the duty cycle, with the 2nd half of the zones being energized for the 2nd half of the duty cycle.

Lighting Zones

If Zone 6 (or zones 5 and 6) are set up as lighting zones then their operation will be determined by either a photocell input or a timed ON/OFF schedule. A maximum of 2 ON/OFF cycles are included to allow parking lot lights to be turned OFF during late evening hours and on for early morning.
Example: Photo sensor (or RTD) input turns on lights at sunset. An override timer may be enabled to turn OFF the lights at 11:00PM when parking lot is empty. An override ON-time may be programmed to turn the lights on in early morning prior to employee arrival. The photocell input would then turn the lights off after sunrise.

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