UL489/ CSA spec 5 Miniature Circuit Breakers, Type WMZT

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The new line of Eaton WMZT miniature circuit breakers is now available for sale in Canada. All parts have been registered in Global Vista and a large inventory is now in stock in the W34 Spartansburg warehouse.

The Product Catalogue in electronic file format is attached to this announcement along with a Price List.

WMZT breakers are branch circuit protectors (not supplementary protectors) and are rated to 10kAIC at 480/277Vac. They are available as 1, 2 and 3 pole DIN rail mounted and with "C" (5-10In) and "D" (10-20In) tripping characteristics. Ratings are 0.5A through 40A.

A complete range of accessories, such as aux contacts, shunt trips, padlock hasps and bus bar systems are also available from stock.

A limited number of WMZT breaker samples are available with a "see through" side to demonstrate the breaker operation. Since this product falls into the MOEM basket I will be sending a see through sample to each of the MOEM champions across the Country. If you have a specific need for a see through sample please let me know.

The product is derived from the Moeller FAZ breaker which has been available in Canada for several years. You need to be aware of this when you begin to demonstrate the breaker to new OEM's.

The WMT line will be phased out quickly because of the extra features of the WMZT.



Derek J. Wall, P.Eng.,
Product Manager, Distribution Components