New SPD Series Protective Devices Now Available

Date: May 3, 2010

The Eaton Surge Protective Device Product Line is happy to announce the release of a new surge protective device, the SPD Series. The SPD Series is available in all common voltages and a variety of surge current capacity ratings, is available with three feature package options, and is UL® 1449 3rd Edition certified.

Due to the release of the SPD Series product offering, coupled with the regulatory compliance requirement with UL 1449 3rd Edition, the entire Visor and CVL TVSS product offerings are no longer available. This end of life encompasses all CVL and all Visor units, including the Advisor, Supervisor, and the previously obsoleted Netvisor. All Visor and CVL units have been removed from all Bid Manager take-offs.

The Eaton SPD Series surge protective device (SPD) will supersede the entire Visor and CVL lines. Integrated versions of the SPD Series are now available for configuration within Eaton electrical assemblies in Bid Manager under the following take-offs:


  • Panelboards
  • Switchboards


SPD Series units are also available for configuration under the following take-offs in Bid Manager:


  • Motor control centers
  • Switchgear
  • Busway (Pow-R-Way ® III Plugs)
  • Power Quality Products / Side Mounted SPDs


Perth inventory has been adjusted to replace CPS stock with the equivalent SPD product. As the CPS and CVL stock is eliminated it cannot be replaced.

We have been using the integrated version of the SPD in our assemblies for almost six months now and customer acceptance has been excellent. We are now shipping SPD side-mount units in Nema 1, 4 and 4X with and without internal disconnect breakers and up to 400kA per phase for customers that require physical isolation and for after market applications.

A new Power Protection and Conditioning product catalogue is being prepared and will be released in the coming weeks. Technical data sheets are available on line at


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why have the Visor and CVL products become obsolete?
Answer: The SPD Series was designed and developed to supersede the Visor and CVL units. In addition, the obsolescence of both products is due to the required compliance of SPDs with UL 1449 3rd Edition.

Question: Does UL1449 3rd Edition affect units that are already in the field?
Answer: No. UL1449 3rd Edition has no effect on units currently installed in the field. Visor and CVL TVSS units currently installed will continue to provide safe, reliable, and effective surge protection for their entire life. No actions concerning these units are required.

Question: I have Visor or CVL units on-hand or in stock. What do I do with them?
Answer: All Visor and CVL units were manufactured before 9/29/2009 and can continue to be installed and utilized as they normally would have before mandatory compliance with UL 1449 3rd Edition came into effect. Mandatory compliance with UL 1449 3rd Edition affects all SPD units manufactured after 9/29/2009. Manufacturing of the Visor and CVL ceased in September 2009, meaning all existing units are compliant with the previous revision of the UL 1449 standard, but are still valid for installation after the UL 1449 3rd edition required compliance date.

Question: What if a Visor or CVL unit needs to be replaced under warranty. Will it be replaced with the same unit?
Answer: Maybe. Ideally, there will be no Visor or CVL units in finished goods inventory but if units manufactured before 9/29/2009 are still available they will be used to fulfill warranty claims on existing units in the field. Once any inventory is exhausted, warranty claims will be fulfilled with SPD Series units. Any required hardware required to replace existing units with an SPD Series unit will be included with the warranty replacement unit.

Question: Do SPD Series units have the same form factor as the Visor and CVL?
Answer: SPD Series units are smaller in form factor than both the Visor and CVL, ensuring they will fit within the same space occupied by those units.

Question: Can I specify the Visor or CVL?
Answer: The Visor and CVL are no longer manufactured. You should specify an SPD Series unit for the job.

Question: What SPD Series unit replaces the Visor's Advisor display package?
Answer: SPD Series units containing the standard feature package should be used to replace the Advisor display package.

Question: What SPD Series unit replaces the Visor's Supervisor display package?
Answer: SPD Series units containing the standard with surge counter display package should be used to replace the Supervisor display package.

Question: What SPD Series unit replaces the Visor's Netvisor display package?
Answer: There is no SPD Series unit that contains communications or directly replaces the Netvisor display package. SPD Series units containing the basic, standard or standard with surge counter feature package will have to be used.

Question: What SPD Series unit replaces the CVL?
Answer: In most cases, the CVL was utilized in cost sensitive applications where no specification needed to be met, although the CVL did contain three features normally required to meet most consulting engineers' specifications: an audible alarm, EMI/RFI filtering, and a form c relay contact. SPD Series units with the basic feature package are UL 1449 3rd Edition certified and provide a high level of reliable surge suppression, but do not contain any of those three features. If the job / specification does not require an audible alarm with disable, EMI/RFI filtering, or a form c relay contact, an SPD Series unit with the basic feature package should be used. If any of those features are required, an SPD Series unit containing the standard feature package should be used.

Question: Where can I view information on the SPD Series?
Answer: Information on the SPD Series, including the guideform specification, product aid, and other information is available at In addition, four animations are available for viewing. It is highly encouraged that you view these animations, as they provide a well-rounded explanation of the product and its value-added functional and safety features.


If you have questions or require additional information, please contact:
Derek J Wall
Product Manager
Surge Protective Devices