Eaton Launches S-Max Series Grid-tied Inverter - built in Milton Ontario

Date: December 10, 2010

Eaton unveiled it's 250kW Grid-tied inverter at the CanSIA Solar Show in Toronto Dec. 7/8, 2010

Eaton Corporation introduced its new S-Max Series grid-tied solar inverter at Solar Canada 2010 Conference and Exposition. The inverters are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1741 listed and CSA C22.2 No 107.1 approved for 600 volt direct current (DC) and three-phase utility interactive operation.

The S-Max Series grid-tied solar inverter is based on Eaton's PowerChain Management solutions, which incorporate Eaton's programmable logic controllers (PLCs), variable frequency drives and protective relays. A core piece of the S-Max 250 kilowatt (kW) grid-tied solar inverter is the Eaton active front end (AFE) technology, which is designed to operate in harsh environments with 24/7 operation cycles over decades.

Emphasizing maximum energy harvest, Eaton S-Max Series is reported to have a 96.5 percent efficiency rating from the California Energy Commission and a greater than 99% accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) efficiency.

The S-Max Series is also said to reduce the need for physical contact with equipment through embedded intelligence, which automates commissioning, operation and shutdown. The S-Max Series incorporates visible blade disconnects for AC and DC circuits, to enable reliable PV system interconnection.

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