Marina Power and Lighting - Hatteras Light

Hatteras Light

The Hatteras Light and the Lighthouse use the same light assembly, providing a 360 degree light pattern. This light pattern is important in a marina because it lights both the dock and finger piers, yet does not shine in the boats because it's directed downward. Best of all, the bulb will last about 3 years and costs about 30 cents per month to operate.

The Hatteras Light is just 30" tall, and can be equipped with two 20 amp GFI or two 30 or 50 amp marine receptacles or a combination of 20, 30, and 50 amp receptacles. Introduced in 1993 and with thousands in service, this popular unit offers a low cost alternative to the Lighthouse for smaller boat applications. The attractive Hatteras Light will welcome your guest in style. They're great not only for marinas, but also for your dock, pool, lawn and deck area. To guarantee durability, the Hatteras has also been tested by Underwriters Laboratories.