Replacement Circuit Breakers

Replacement Circuit Breakers

Replacement Breakers

Eaton has a simple formula for meeting our customers needs- continuous new product innovation coupled with incomparable support of existing products. That is what our Direct Replacement Breakers are all about. Today, Eaton continues to manufacture and support "Pre-Series C" breakers with the exact same vigor as we did 30 years ago when they were the latest and greatest of their day. Of course, this comes as no surprise to any of the thousands of loyal customers where millions of these breakers remain in operation today.


Direct Replacement Molded Case Breakers

Call your authorized Eaton distributor and order newly manufactured breakers, by catalog number, exactly the same as the ones you are replacing. No need to worry about differing physical dimensions, wiring capacity, proper functioning, or electrical characteristics. A simple and safe solution you can depend on.


Upgrade to the Series C® Breaker

Since the Series C line of molded case circuit breakers is both Eaton's standard offering as well as being the best circuit breaker technology available in the world today, this is certainly an option worthy of your consideration.


Try to find a replacement in the surplus market?

If you wanted to invest the time and effort, you could probably find a surplus replacement for your thirty-year-old circuit breaker. Why do this? It may still be a thirty-year-old breaker. Where has it been? Has it been used? Will it operate, as it should? Is it safe and is it worth the risk?