SPI9000 High Performance

SPA/SPN/SPI9000 Common DC Bus Drives

Eaton offers a comprehensive range of common DC bus drive products. The front-end units convert a mains AC voltage and current into a DC voltage and current. The power is transferred from the mains to a common DC bus (and, in certain cases, vice versa). The SPA9000 (active front-end) unit is a bi-directional (regenerative) power converter for the front end of a common DC bus driveline up. An external LCL filter is used at the input. This unit is suitable in applications where low mains harmonics are required. The SPN9000 (non-regenerative front-end) unit is a unidirectional (motoring) power converter for the front-end of a common DC bus drive line-up. The device operates as a diode bridge using diode/thyristor components. A dedicated external choke is used at the input. The unit has the capacity to charge a common DC bus. This unit is suitable as a rectifying device when a "normal" level of harmonics is accepted and no regeneration to the mains is required.