IT. Power Supplies (PSS)

IT. Power Supplies (PSS)

In addition to featuring 24V DC control, there are four design differentiators that make the PSS Series superior to those offered by other manufacturers.

High Outrush Capacity -  The PSS Series can meet your high outrush demands – up to 4 times steady state current! The design of the power supply ensures enough power for closing DC contactors and provides plenty of power for starting up communication networks and large capacity systems.

Higher Input Voltage Range – The PSS Series power supplies cover a 480 – 600V input, up to 6.7 Amps. The power comes right off the line – safely.  This eliminates the need for the control power transformer and reduces the size of the enclosure.

Long Ride Through Capability - A built-in capacitance keeps the power flowing after the voltage has dropped. With 24V DC power supplies, you’ll get top performance in low power quality areas. The PSS Series are immune to low voltage issues and able to ride through power dips and blackouts.

DIN & Panel Mount – The PSS Series can be mounted on DIN-rail or panel mounted. Unlike other manufacturers, the PSS Series gives you the application flexibility you need.