Contact Ombuds

Confidential Toll-free Numbers
Secure and separate from Adnet and other Eaton phone lines

In the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico  1-866-29-OMBUD (66283)

Direct line in Australia 1800-755-056
Direct line in Brazil  0800-8888-288 + 866-296-6283
Direct line in China - Mainland  800 820 0891 (Landline Users)  400 820 0891 (Mobile Phone Users)
Direct line Dominican Republic 1-866-296-6283
Direct line in Hong Kong  800 968 331
Direct line in India 1800 200 3866
Direct line in Ireland 1800 946 348  !NEW!
Direct line in Indonesia 007 803 321 8017
Direct line in Japan 0034-800-10-0485  !NEW!
Direct line in Korea 080-520-0786  !NEW!
Direct line in Malaysia 1800 81 6205
Direct line in New Zealand 0800-990-074
Direct line in Philippines  1800-1110-1846  !NEW!
Direct line in Singapore 800 321 1121
Direct line in South Africa 0800-99-9983  !NEW!
Direct line in Switzerland 0800-835575
Direct line Taiwan  0800 088 658
Direct line in Thailand 001 800 32 029
Direct line in Turkey  00-800-1420-78374 ( Toll Free number -Land line Only)  !NEW!
                                 +90 212 331 4650 (Local call, All Phones)   !NEW!
Direct line in UAE 8000-3570-2896
Direct line in the United Kingdom  0808 234 5918


Outside the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico, please follow these instructions:

1) Dial your country specific AT&T Direct access code

2) When prompted by a recorded message OR when asked by an Operator for account number and pin, use this number: 866-296-6283, and you will be connected to the Office of the Ombuds.

3) AT&T will then transfer your call to the Ombuds. When prompted by our Ombuds menu select your preferred language:
1 for English
2 for Spanish
3 for Portuguese
4 for Chinese

To coordinate an appointment in any country: We may also be reached directly, by country/region at the following address, phone, and fax number:

For North America, Canada and Puerto Rico:

Office of the Ombuds
13100 E. Michigan Avenue
Galesburg, MI 49053
Tel. 1-269-342-3462 Fax 1-269-342-3597

For China, Hong Kong and Taiwan:

Office of the Ombuds
1st floor, No. 3 Lane
280 Linhong Rd
Shanghai 200335 China
Tel. +86 (21) 52000601

For the United Kingdom and Europe:

Office of the Ombuds
Eaton Industries Manufacturing GmbH
7 - Route de la Longeraie
1110 Morges - Switzerland

For India

Office of the Ombuds
Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Cluster C, Wing 1, EON Free Zone,
Plot No. 1, Survey No. 77,
MIDC Kharadi Knowledge Park, Kharadi,
Pune 411014, Maharashtra, India
Tel.  +91 20 6633 8505

Ilene Butensky Ilene Butensky, Director
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds
Terry Boudreau Terry Boudreau, Field Ombuds, North America
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds
Gennette Tripari Gennette Tripari, Field Ombuds, Latin America
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds
Sophia Qiao Sophia Qiao, Field Ombuds, Asia Pacific
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds
Devyani Singh Devyani Singh, Field Ombuds - India
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds
Crystal L. Bahr Crystal L. Bahr, Associate Ombuds
Eaton Corporation Office of the Ombuds